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Cybersecurity Is About Protecting Clients—and Your Practice

From PlanAdviser:

In recent months, Advisor Group has added significant cybersecurity expertise to its senior management team. The new hires include Jason Lish, who has for about four months now served in the position of chief security, privacy, and data officer for Advisor Group’s Advisor Solutions team.

His role involves collaborating with advisers and executives from across the four individual firms that comprise Advisor Group—FSC Securities Corporation, Royal Alliance Associates, SagePoint Financial and Woodbury Financial Services. In a recent conversation with PLANADVISER, Lish pointed to his extensive cybersecurity background protecting organizations such as Alight Solutions, Charles Schwab and Honeywell, as the main reasons he was able to get this newly minted and exciting position.

“Four months in, I’ve now had sufficient time to understand the business and to start to make an impact,” he says. “From a priority perspective, so far there are two general areas where our firms are focused. First is on strengthening the overall security program at the home office by putting in place risk-based methodologies and enhanced capabilities that I’ve seen work in larger institutions I’ve been involved with.”